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Elements of Abstraction

Lebanese artist Zeina Nader Selwan paints lush, vibrant abstract works of art in acrylics on canvas. Her compositions instantly command attention with their dynamic sense of movement and bold colors, and her dreamlike images evoke strong emotions. Nader Selwan is first and foremost a subjective, passionate observer of the world. “My eyes see details that might not be important for others but that mean a lot to me,” she explains. “I translate them my own way, on my canvases.” Nader Selwan imagines forms and colors whenever she has a sensory experience – be it sound, touch, taste, or sight. She then translates those forms and hues into beautiful images, evoking a sense of wonder and joy through movement and color.

Zeina Nader Selwan grew up in a family of artists, and started creating art from a very young age. She grew up in a country at war, yet even then her life was filled with color, and she developed a joyful, upbeat outlook on life that is evident in her art. Her work has been featured in numerous art shows.