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Mansour Eid ‎ (1944–2013 ) is a Lebanese writer, novelist, researcher and poet.



Mansour Eid was born in Bteddine El Loqch, a village of the Jezzine district in southern Lebanon in 1944. He completed his secondary studies in Our Lady of Mashmoushe School. He received a degree in philosophical and social studies from Arab Beirut University and a degree in Arabic Literature from the Lebanese University and a PHD degree in Arabic Literature from Saint Joseph University.MANSOUR

As of year 1965 and until his death in 2013, he taught Arabic language and literature as well as Philosophy in a number of Lebanese schools. He has been also the Chairperson of the Social and Behavioral Sciences Department at Notre Dame University - Louaize as well as an Arabic instructor.

His early works mainly consisted of short stories, but then diversified into essays, research and novels (starting with The Phoenix Bird in 1998). Two of his major research works concerned the Lebanese writers, Boulos Salameh, and Emily Nasrallah. He also wrote a collection of poems, (The Vineyards' Melodies) which has won the Said Fayad Literary Prize in year 2007.




(2008) ‘’Kherbit Massoud’’ (Massoud’s Cottage)

(2007) ‘’Shararat Al Ramad’’ (Sparkling Ember)

(1998 ) ‘’Ta’er Al Fineeq’’ (The Phoenix Bird) (with a French translation – 2007)

Short Stories[edit]

(1991) ‘’Wa Baadik Ya Beirut’’ (After You Beirut)

(1990) ‘’Souwar Min Al Hayat’’ (Pictures from Life)

(1989) ‘’Beirut Hal Tazkoureen’’ (Beirut Do You Remember)

(1986) ‘’Majaneen Aliha’’ (Mad Gods)

(1985) "Awraq Fi Al Zakira’’ (Papers in the Memory)

(1983) ‘’Ghourabaa (Strangers)


(2007) ‘’Alhan al Kouroum’’ (The Vineyards’ Melodies). Winner of the Said Fayad Literary Prize.

Studies & Essays

(2013) ‘’Rihlat Al Noussous’’ (The Journey of Texts).

(2011) ‘’Alshark w Al-Gharb’’ (East and West).

(1995) ‘’Kalimat Min Al Hadara’’ (Words from Civilization)

(1995) ‘’Qadaya Insaniyya Fi Riwayat Emily Nasrallah’’ (Humanitarian Issues in the Novels of Emily Nasrallah'’)

(1992) '’Boulos Salameh Sha'ir Al Malahem Wal Alam'’ (Boulos Salame: Poet of Epics and Pain)

Children's Literature

(1995) ‘’Al Khayyat Wa Abnaou’oh Al Thalatha (The Tailor and His Three Sons)

(1993) ‘’Al Ameera Mira’’ (Princess Mira)

(1992) ‘’Shajrat Al Saada’’ (The Tree of Bliss)

(1990). ‘’Al Sayyad Al Moughamer’’ (The Adventurous Hunter)