Dr. Romy Ghanem

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Meet our JM Ambassador for this month, Dr. Romy Ghanem, whose passion for the English language and linguistics began to sprout at a very early age.dr-romy


At only fifteen, a First Secondary student at Jesus & Mary School, she wrote her first book “The Scales of Justice”, which she signed at the school’s premises. She received her BA in English Language and Literature from the Holy Spirit University of Kaslik, Lebanon. Though she was Faithful to her country and very attached to her family, she decided to deepen her knowledge of the language, by actually living and studying in a native English speaking country.





Dr. Romy fulfilled her Excellence and graduated from the Northern Arizona University with a Doctorate Degree in Applied Linguistics.


Her dedication and perseverance have earned her several awards and grants, and her publications, which focus on improving pronunciation for nonnative English speakers, truly prove that no matter how far she goes around the world, she never forgets her true origins.