My Christianity

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Almost everyone knows me as a devoted Christian who always goes to church, prays, and participates in the church’s activities, and so on. But not everyone knows the reason behind this devotion. Christianity is more than just going to mass, reading the bible, and praying constantly. Many people think that as a Christian, doing these things is a must, but trust me, it’s not. I pray because I want to, because it brings me happiness. Yes, you wear a necklace with the sign of the cross, and yes, you change your Instagram biography and your WhatsApp status to something Christian-related, and yes you defend your religion whenever someone speaks against it. But are you truly a Christian?

When I started my journey as a Christian I didn’t quite know what I was doing, I just thought I’d give it a shot to know where I stand when someone asks me about my beliefs. I was just like you. I thought I was obliged to read the Bible and go to mass in order to be a ‘true Christian’. But as I started practicing this religion, I discovered there’s more to it. The girl who was once selfish, greedy, and intolerant unconsciously became loving, caring, and forgiving. My life has changed in a miraculous way.
When I would go through something painful and heartbreaking, I’d just ask myself, ‘Why are you mad, Lynn? Your heavenly Father who’s capable of doing the impossible is right next to you, and you’re still afraid?’ My friends would not believe that I could stay calm in such situations. I now give myself 2 to 3 days and the pain would ease or just go away. Thus, this religion made me look at things differently. It made me look at things in a more positive way, in a way I never thought was possible. For what’s the point of going to mass if you haven’t found this happiness? What’s the point of reading the Bible if you’re not convinced that these verses are true? I’m telling you, you’re a true Christian when you willingly go to mass because you can’t wait to receive the communion of Jesus’ body and blood. You’re a true Christian when you read the Bible seeking the truth. You’re a true Christian when you no longer feel that the Christian rituals are an obligation.
God has given us way more than we deserve, but people still manage to only see the bad things in their lives. And at that point, they tend to doubt God’s existence. But look around you; you are blessed.The peace I live in is present even when my life is everything but peaceful. I did not need anyone to convince me that Jesus Christ is in fact my savior; I actually lived it and felt it. So whenever someone asks me to convince them about my Christianity, all I tell them is, ‘Go discover it.’ It’s an experience. If you want Jesus in your life, and if you want to live in the peace and happiness I live in, His arms are always and forever wide open. He will guide you through His righteous path. All you have to do is have faith and keep your heart and eyes wide open. Friends and even family come and go, but Jesus will forever be beside you. You’re never alone. God loves you!

Lynn Nader, 3LS