Life is a River

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Life is a cycle of non-ending obstacles that flow, and the closest metaphoric image to life would be a river. My river has encountered summer and winter storms as well as warm weather; its curves have been shaped by every significant incident I have faced: losing a loved one, watching death as it took people who are dear, or living happy moments and meeting new friends who helped shape my river.

These changes formed massive curves in my life, which eased the flow of things, yet even before these curves took shape, erosions as well as floods were taking place. These problems, however, helped me gain strength to overcome obstacles, forming at the same time curves to ease the flow of water. My river then became alive: abundant whenever the current was strong and steady when the waters were calm. pamela

We know that rivers have their starting points from which the water flows, and I believe that my river started flowing from my birth. Day after day and year after year, my river grew as my problems grew bigger and bigger. I am more than thankful for the person who influenced my river in an amazing way and turned it into an extremely beautiful one. One river is strong but two rivers merging into one can form an incredible strength. Both would overcome great obstacles that one alone could not. The trust and love that link one to another drive them to influence each other in many different and positive ways.

Until now, I can name many people who branched out of my river, and these are the people who left; however, in my case one person stayed the course and had the greatest impact on me. He helped me overcome my fears and problems as he loved and cared for me as no one else ever had. Meeting him was a life changing and amazing experience.

My river has had a tendency to overcome barriers and carve paths that link the past to a better future. I am more than happy with what I have and fully satisfied with my river. I am looking forward to seeing my river grow as I strive to face the things that would stand in my way up until the day my river runs dry.

Pamela Kobersi