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Imagine the day you'd no longer have to endure hours of being stuck in traffic and getting late to work or school. Instead, you'd arrive in no time, stress-free to your destination thanks to a boat taxi that would have resolved all your morning problems.

Well, this idea is not an impossible dream; it will soon become a reality in Lebanon.

After two years of brainstorming and thorough research, Dr. Khaled A. Taki suggested creating a Sea-Taxi that can transport passengers anywhere along the Lebanese coastline. Lebanon’s weather is ideal, its sceneries are beautiful, and the food is exquisite, so why not create this Sea-Taxi that is a tried-and-true way of transportation that already exists in Greece, Turkey, the UK, and New Zealand?

As we all know, Lebanon has been facing a major traffic crisis, which has only been getting worse and more intolerable with time. Beirut’s roads are becoming more saturated because of the narrow streets, overpopulation, and the haphazard parking of vehicles. So, the country could really benefit from reconnecting with its waters.

Since building more inland networks is complex, and rehabilitating the train even more so, turning to the sea sounds like a very creative idea. Travellers could relax, eat, discuss things and interact with one another, instead of being stressed out and frustrated in endless traffic jams. This project could also be used for leisure, nightlife, family visits, and tourism. It would ensure better safety and pleasant group travels.

The water taxi would run daily from 6 in the morning till 9 at night and would have the same prices as a service taxi. There would be three types of taxis: Shuttle, Clippers, and VIP, each carrying a limited number of people on board. It would also include bus services to transport passengers from the dock to the destination in the city. It would also operate all year round transporting 50,000 people a day.

Dreams like this one are certainly worth waiting for.