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Rita Zgheib Rana Hage
  Dr. Rita Zgheib
Academic Supervisor
& HR Officer for Academics
Ms. Rana Hage
Administrative Assistant



Up Where We Belong!


There is a wealth of information out there and, it is incredibly easy to access. In fact, so much so that one would think that we have all become knowledgeable.


Interestingly, we seem to know LESS than we did prior to the tech age. Perhaps because we have shifted our type of learning from conceptual to operational. 


We, the inhabitants of the world today, are more focused on making it work rather than on understanding what makes it work. This fundamental shift is exhilarating – we are becoming more tech savvy, more able, more skillful. At the same time, however, we are increasingly dependent - we operate what others have conceptualized.  This is true for the many of us who haven’t had the chance to be “singled out”. For though the media abounds with stories of creative successful entrepreneurs and rewards inventors and researchers, it is a fact that those who make the headlines are a happy few. Half of the rest of the world “lies down & quietly starves” and the other half leads regular, consuming lives.


One might be tempted to contest this bleak discourse. I beg to differ: This discourse is realistic but not bleak. Realistic because one is better equipped to face what one knows; and, for that, it is important, voire vital, that we fully realize the stakes. It is not bleak because it invites us all: educators, parents, and students to rise to the test of reversing the statistics. From here on, whatever curriculum we aim to reform, whichever teaching strategies we adopt, whatever educational goals we pursue – ALL must be founded on  equity!


Equity! Providing EVERY child, ALL children to reach their level best – as Sr. Monica, RJM, God rest her soul, used to say. It is the right of every child to be granted the chance to soar up to where s/he   belongs and, it is our duty to ensure s/he does.


Dr. Rita Zgheib, Ed.D

Academic Supervisor