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Principle I     : Commitment to Students

Principle II    : Commitment to Parents

Principle III  : Commitment to the Community

Principle IV  : Commitment to the Profession

Principle V    : Commitment to Ourselves

Principle I: Commitment to Students

As JM educators, we are called to:
- Uphold the Catholic character of our school.
- Put the well-being of our students first, respecting their rights and serving their needs.
- Provide a safe learning environment for our students and protect them from abuse.
- Respect student uniqueness.
- Develop the student knowledge and understanding of the subject we teach.
- Speak with charity and justice about students.

Principle II: Commitment to Parents
As JM educators, we will:
- Keep parents informed of the curriculum, policies and methods of instruction.
- Develop activities to enhance family life as well as home-school relationship.
- Respect privacy and confidentiality of information.
- Report to parents their child’s progress with accuracy and honesty.

Principle III: Commitment to the Community
As JM educators, we are called to:
- Model peaceful solutions to community conflicts.
- Encourage a spirit of cooperation and avoid the extremes in competition.
- Develop student potential for constructive leadership.
- Provide opportunities for making responsible choices.
- Reflect the philosophy of the school in our attitudes and actions.
- Uphold the reputation of students, parents, and staff members.
- Support the decisions of our Catholic Bishops and those who work to develop Catholic Education.

Principle IV: Commitment to the Profession
As JM educators, we are called to:
- Witness to the Christian faith.
- Refrain from using the school as a platform for beliefs which are not in accord with the school vision or Church teaching.
- Preserve the reputation of colleagues, administrators, and students.
- Safeguard the exchange of confidential information.
- Support educators new to a position and/or to the school.
- Educate for excellence, challenging all students to achieve high standards.
- Place a high value on professional development.
- Contribute to wider educational development in our society.

Principle V: Commitment to Ourselves
As JM educators, we are called to:
- Deepen our understanding of the teachings of Christ and his Church.
- Strive to live by values of truth, honesty, justice, goodness, love, and respect for others.
- Sustain our physical and mental health, and strive for balance in our work, recreation, emotions and self-development.
- Act as role models both inside and outside of school.