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Dear JM community

After a noted absence for about 11 years, it is with great joy and privilege that we announce the formation of a revived JM Alumni Association.

During the past months working on the formation of this association, we’ve gained perspective on how Jesus & Mary School has positively impacted virtually every aspect of our life. It provided us with a challenging formation, rewarding character development, knowledge broadening, Christian virtues and- most notably- scores of friendships we now treasure. As we reflected on these, we couldn’t but feel a loyalty and a desire to give back to the institution that provided so many good things in our lives. We hope you feel the same way!

We would like to share about the vibrant intellectual community we’re building and about our plans as a committee. In turn, we invite you to communicate with us by telling us where you are and how best to reach you (see below).

We are proud of all JM graduates and know that many former students are doing very valuable things for our society and working in exciting places locally & internationally. Our alumni span the globe and are well-positioned to strongly influence the future. We hope to keep everyone involved with the school wherever they may roam. We aim to make the Alumni Association a gateway to a professional network of fellow graduates who can serve as mentors, clients and even potential employers and employees.

In addition to providing opportunities Jesus & Mary School and Thevenet College former students to keep in touch (Networking, Reunions, Get-togethers…), fundraising to give back to the school and establish an Alumni Fund, and participating in the school’s major events, we plan on paving the way to establishing an alumni center: a focal point where we could meet & catch up over a cup of coffee in the safe child-friendly environment of our beloved school.

No matter what you have to say or how much time you have to give, we hope you will consider being actively involved with us. Do it because you want to have an impact on your first alma mater, because of the joyful memories of your school days and help us to show what a big impact we still have on our school.

We would like very much to have your current contact info, so that we may more easily reach you concerning notable happenings (we promise not to flood you with spam mail!). Kindly send your mobile number and email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. along with your year of graduation/departure from JM.

We also welcome any comments, suggestions or questions about the Alumni Association or about opportunities for future participation.

Elie Nasr


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