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3S are selling tickets to a nightclub party


February 7, 2018

SUBJECT: Warning about 3S Fundraiser Party!


Dear Parents,


It has come to our attention that the students of 3S are selling tickets to a nightclub party, tomorrow, Thursday, February 8, 2018 to raise funds for their prom night. Since we have just found out that some of our 1S and 2S students have been purchasing tickets ($50), we feel we must bring the following points to your attention:

·        -  The party is not managed by the 3S students themselves. They are just selling tickets for profit. Therefore, the place will be open to adults and people from different backgrounds, not just our students. Also, the party’s program will not be tailored to teenagers.

·       -  The party is an open bar party, not meant for underage children in any way!

·       -  Jesus & Mary School is in no way responsible for the event.


As our students’ safety and well-being are your and our first concern, we count on your close attention in this matter!


Thank you for your cooperation.



Nathalie el Hani

Secondary Principal