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The Scouting Movement

The JM Guides and Scouts are affiliated with the Associations of the Guides and Scouts of Lebanon respectively. They are divided into five units:
* The “Farandoles”: Girls of Elementary I Division
* The Brownies and Cub scouts: Students of Elementary I and II Divisions
* The Guides and Scouts: Students of Elementary II and Intermediate Divisions
* The “Caravelles”: Girls of 1st and 2nd Secondary
* The “Jeunes en Marche” (JEM): Girls of 3rd Secondary
The various groups meet regularly and have outings and camps throughout the year.

 Groupe Journee BP


Scouts Camp Pacques 10 Scouts Camp Pacques 5
Scouts Camp Pacques 7 Scouts Camp Pacques 14Farandoles Journee BP 3


Jeannettes (Grades 3 - 4 – 5) Activities    
Jeannettes JM CampNoel SessionSpirituel Jeannettes JM CampSiSouTroisieme  

Jeannettes JM CampSiSouTroisieme TravailManuel

Jeannettes JM EscapeTheRoom  
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