Let the numbers speak up!

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Courtesy of bbc.co.uk

The percentage of UK teens who check their mobile phones after midnight … is 45%. Of these 75% listen to music and 57% watch movies. UK teens are addicted to their smartphones! So glad to be Lebanese…

Measured by your looks…

Your looks define who you are. Recent studies reported by the BBC Education & Family Page on October 4, 2016  show that young girls are noticeably less self-confident today than their peers five years ago.

They seem to believe that the media, other people, and the mirror see them as ugly and fat and uninteresting. It is a shame that in the era of budding Super Artificial Intelligence, created by woman and man’s intelligence, the person’s worth is reduced to the superficial norms set by fashion magazines and vain people.


Courtesy of bbc.co.uk

Let the music play on…

What is Canto pop?

Honk Kong’s Cantonese Pop ballads , once famous in karaoke events, have gone political! Young people are using canto-pop ballads to promote political messages that call for democracy and civic action! The underlying reason may not be as straightforward as one might suppose: it could simply be because the market for Canto-pop in Honk Kong has dropped and the Chinese political market is more financially interesting. D’une pierre, deux coups!