A substitute for meat? The Jackfruit!

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-          National Geographic; December, 2016 issue


The jackfruit which can weigh up to 60kgs each is the prime choice of culinary chefs across the world as a worthy substitute for meat. With 95 calories for every 100 gms, this fruit of the fig and mulberry family is of South East Asian origins. The jackfruit texture is rich and very much like that of meat and while its protein content is not as rich as that of meat, it is definitely the best alternative one could have!

So, for all you vegans, vegetarians, and pescatarians out there, enjoy the jackfruit!

For the love of creation! – Nanoporous fabric made clothes


-          Scientific American; December, 2016 issue

For all you nature lovers who want to reduce pollution and greenhouse effects, there is a new fabric that will keep you as cool as you can possibly be even on the hottest summer day. Professor Yi Cui of Stanford University is the father of the coolest fabric on earth – the nanoporous fabric. This fabric is made of nano polyethylene fibers which are normally used in lithium batteries. The nanoPE force the infrared radiations emitted by our bodies to escape rather than be trapped in even the lightest cotton fabric which absorb it. So, as long as your body temperature is higher than the surrounding temperature, you will not need an air conditioner!

Artificial Intelligence Gets Emotional – The Rise of Conscious Machines


-          BBC Focus, December, 2016 issue


My Siri, emotional? Does this mean that the Facebook video which went viral about the American old lady of Italian descent who kept thanking and apologizing to her I-phone Siri could be prophetic? Read more about this fascinating topic. It is worth it, for as the French say: ”Un homme averti en vaut deux.” … And the future begins in the next second from now.