Educational Values

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Systematically enriched by the contribution of each of its members (teachers, students, employees, administrators, parents, and friends), Jesus & Mary School endeavors to develop the following values in its students:

Academic values: that nourish the quest for the Truth, the search for excellence, and the commitment to academic freedom and integrity, thus encouraging logical and critical thinking, data assimilation and analysis, and the use of interactive learning.

Aesthetic values: that reflect a tasteful capacity to recognize and appreciate beauty in all its forms, delight in it, and share it with others.


Moral values: that promote freewill and responsible choices; develop a sense of moral goodness, self-respect, and hunger for the Truth; and contribute to faithfulness and honesty.


Physical value: that develop the capacity to lead and enjoy a healthy life.


Spiritual values: that reflect God’s presence in every part of life and call for His honor through one’s words and deeds, thus enabling everyone to bear the fruits of the Holy Spirit.


Social values: that reflect thorough understanding and respect of human rights, and promote social justice, community service and solidarity.


Citizenship values: which are rooted in genuine love and respect for Lebanon “the Message”, which foster a sincere sense of patriotism, and which promote advocacy of Lebanon’s sovereignty and independence together with an uncompromising appreciation of diversity.