Enriched by the contribution of each of its members, Jesus & Mary School systematically endeavours to develop the following values in its learners:

● Academic: to nourish the quest for knowledge, the search for excellence, and the commitment to academic integrity, and to value multiple perspectives and intercultural understanding through languages, inquiry, critical and creative thinking, and interactive methodologies.

● Spiritual: to reflect God’s presence in every form of life and call for His honour in words and in deed, to protect, serve, and preserve the common human, cultural, and ecological heritage, thus bearing the fruits of the Holy Spirit.

 ● Moral: to educate the conscience, to develop a sense of moral goodness and hunger for the truth, and to live in faithfulness and integrity.

● Social: to reflect a thorough understanding of and respect for every person’s rights, and to embody human solidarity, social justice, and empathy.

 ● Civic: to instil the genuine love of and respect for Lebanon “the Message”, to defend Lebanon’s sovereignty and independence, and to appreciate global interrelatedness and diversity.