Preschool Principal

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Ms. Katy Bou Zeid

Preschool Division Principa


God’s Heart and Ours

Man is always questioning the purpose and meaning of his life. His relationship with the Creator puzzles him and urges him to learn more and discover further. God, through His Word in the Bible, explains that we were created as a reflection of His Own image, and we are to develop a heart for God and live to please Him. The Bible also tells us about real people like us who loved and honored God, they sacrificed their lives and followed His commands faithfully. These examples are given just to remind us that we can do the same and be men and women After God’s Own Heart. And how much do we long and wish to have such people around us nowadays.

Yet it is our duty to do so being workers in the field of education and as we deal with young and soft minds and hearts. We are responsible for bringing up people that: know God’s Will, enthrone God as a goal for all their projects, develop soft, repentant hearts, and Love other people. How? 
Role modeling: being genuinely humble, honest to the core, servants with integrity, ignoring materialistic attractions, for God is never impressed with externals. He always focuses on the inward qualities. God strongly supports those whose hearts complete His.

Dear Parents and colleagues let us strive to work hard on ourselves to develop the good qualities so that we can teach our children and students, let us pray hard to Our Lord to help us live in harmony with Him, please Him with our thoughts & actions.