The Social Program (CARE)

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*This program, supervised by a special coordinator, sheds light on social problems that affect the Lebanese community.Care prog

*The purpose of this program is both social and humanitarian. Through it, students get to know some of the harsh realities of the society they live in and participate   in social activities that assist people in need, thus contributing to making a difference in their local community.

All students participate in this program according to their age and grade.

Aid supplies, consisting of food, clothing, books, and toys, are distributed during Christmas and Easter.

Students visit the elderly and disadvantaged in neighboring villages and humanitarian institutions such as hospitals, prisons, orphanages, specialized schools, women associations, and anti_drug awareness associations.

In February of every year, around 250 elderly people, traditionally referred to as St. Claudine’s Friends are invited to the school to spend an entire day that includes    prayer, entertainment, lunch, and gifts.

All secondary students have to complete 35 hours of community service to be eligible for graduation. Moreover, in the month of May, students participate in a national program to clean up the Mediterranean beach.