• School Year 2022-2023

Rules and Regulations

A. Uniform:

My appearance speaks many things of me and my home. The school uniform grants every student the same status and respect, reflects the school identity, and promotes belonging.

  • Elementary I students are required to attend school in full uniform and follow good grooming etiquette. Please refer to the enclosed Uniform Appendix A for details.
  • All items of the school uniform must be clearly labeled.
  • Parents of students who repeatedly fail to wear the correct uniform will be contacted and asked to attend to the matter.
  • Jewelry is not allowed.

B. Attendance:

Punctuality is a sign of respect for self and others; a trait which I, a JM student, am expected to develop.

  • Students are expected to:
  • Be in the assembly hall before 7:45 a.m. every day
  • Leave school at the 2:55 p.m. closing bell. For their safety, students are not to arrive to school before 7:15 a.m. and must be picked up no later than 3:00 p.m.
  • as supervision cannot be ensured outside this time bracket.
  • Late students must be accompanied by a parent or guardian to see the principal who will then issue a permission slip to enter class.
  • Students who are not picked from school by 3:15 p.m. will have to wait for their parents at the main gate.
  • Regular attendance is mandatory.

C. Sickness and Absence:

For the well-being of every child-as well as that of the entire Elementary I community, specific health and hygiene regulations are implemented at school.

  • Parents are urged to promptly report any illness, health complications, or communicable diseases to the Division Principal/Nurse promptly.
  • In case of absence, parents or guardians of the absent student are urged to call the Division Principal to specify the reason of absence.
  • A medical report from the treating physician is required for any absence of more than two school days.
  • Students who have fever, a persistent cough, a runny nose, diarrhea, or are vomiting, must stay home.
  • In case a child exhibits any of the above symptoms or has an accident during the day, the Division Principal/Nurse will contact the parents and discuss with them the measures to be taken.
  • Please refer to the COVID-19 Protocol posted on the school Web page.

D. Classroom Rules:

My class is my second home; I will do my best to follow its rules.

  • In class, students are expected to:
  • Adopt a decent attitude that reflects their upbringing and JM belonging at all times
  • Be clean and well-organized
  • Remain calm and avoid disturbing others
  • Respect the teaching schedule and the content of the curriculum
  • Cooperate with teachers and accept their advice gracefully
  • Follow instructions given by the supervisors and teachers
  • Behave courteously and kindly
  • Respect school property
  • Eating, drinking, chewing gum, writing on desks and walls are not allowed.
  • Students are expected to refrain from visiting other classes or circulating in the hallway between classes.
  • Permission to leave class is granted by the incoming teacher.
  • Students are not allowed to possess electronic gadgets, toys or magazines.

E. Discipline:

Discipline is the training that develops self-control, order, efficiency and character.

Basic to all discipline is the principle of respect – respect for one’s self and for others.

  • Students are expected at all times to behave obediently and respectfully towards everyone at school. They are to show gentleness and courtesy towards their fellow students.
  • Parents are expected to cooperate with the school by enforcing self-control and discipline.

F. Written Work (Class Work – Homework):

I hear and I forget, I see and I remember, I write and I understand.

  • Students are expected to submit all written work on time, neat and tidy.
  • Written work, unless otherwise specified, should be personal.
  • In case assigned work is repeatedly submitted late, the teacher will:
  • Talk to the student
  • Give a verbal warning
  • Write a note on the agenda
  • Confer with the parents

G. Circulation in and out of the Division:

Right now, is a great time to make a good choice.

  • Line up with friends when the bell rings in order to go to class with the teacher.
  • Students are expected to:
  • Be silent during Assembly, on the stairs and in the hallways.
  • Stay out of the classrooms during breaks and before classes start.
  • Be accompanied either by the teacher in charge or the supervisor when changing classrooms.
  • Obtain a permission slip to visit the infirmary and return it duly filled and signed by the nurse.
  • Have the Principal’s permission to leave the school before the closing bell.
  • Parents are requested to inform the Principal of any changes in students’ pick-up arrangements.

H. Dishonesty:

     Honest hearts produce honest actions!

  • Dishonesty is a serious offense, and a JM student is expected to be always honest.
  • Dishonesty may take the form of copied homework, lying, cheating in tests and so on.

I. Non-Academic Classes:

   It never gets easier; I just get better!

  • All students are expected to participate in non-academic classes.
  • Only students who have a medical report will be exempted from P.E. classes.

Jacqueline Najjar



Elementary I Division Uniform Code


A. The Official School Uniform:

  • White school shirt (long sleeved shirt) *
  • School jumper dress (Pinafore) *
  • School pullover *
  • School cardigan *
  • White opaque tights on cold days and white ankle socks on warm days.
  • Below-the-ankle black shoes. Trainers ARE NOT allowed.

BThe Regular School Uniform:

On Cold Days:

  • Fine white turtle neck jumper under the white shirt white long sleeved polo shirt*
  • Green pants (during winter season only) *
  • Black boots.
    • School Anorak * (Optional)

On Warm Days:

  • White short-sleeved polo shirt *

C.Sports Uniform:

  • School designated jumper suit *
  • Sports polo shirt *
  • School sports short *

White ankle socks

D.Black Rhythmic shoes.

         * Items found exclusively in the school store.

     P.S. Long hair is expected to be worn in a ponytail or pigtail either braided or loose.  

Elementary I Division Uniform Code


A.The Official School Uniform:

  • White school shirt (long sleeved shirt) *
  • Green School pants *
  • School pullover *
  • School cardigan *
  • Dark socks
  • Black shoes. Trainers ARE NOT allowed.

BThe Regular School Uniform:

On Cold Days:

  • Fine white turtle neck jumper under the white shirt or white long-sleeved polo
  • Shirt *
  • School vest *
  • School Anorak* (Optional)

On Warm Days:

  • White short-sleeved polo shirt*
  • Green school shorts*

C. Sports Uniform:

  • School designated jumper suit*
  • Sports polo shirt*
  • School sports short*
  • White ankle socks

D.Black Rhythmic shoes.

* Items found exclusively in the school store.

P.S. Boys should maintain a short haircut throughout the school year.


Behavior Plan

The Elementary I Behavior Plan was designed to help students remain on track.

EI Disciplinary Measures:

  • A Behavior Contract will be agreed upon by the Principal and the students.
  •           A credit of 20 points will be granted to each student at the beginning of the year.
  •         The student whose Behavior Contract shows no deductions will gain ten points at the end of the Term.
  •          At the end of the school year, students with a credit of fifty points will be rewarded for their exemplary behavior.

At the first incident:

The student is given a verbal warning from the teacher or supervisor.

At the second incident:

Time Out: A specific time out is scheduled for ten minutes with the supervisor and fill out a Think Sheet.

At the third incident:

The student will be referred to the Assistant Principal who will contact the parents and 1 point will be deducted for him/her.

From the fourth incident onwards:

         The student will be referred to the principal who will have a conference with the parents and two points will be deducted.

ü  The student can regain a plus one if he/she respects the Behavior Plan for two

     consecutive weeks or if he/she does something good.

ü         Any fall back will be dealt with accordingly, and appropriate measures will be taken.


قطاع النقل


يهدف النقل المدرسيّ الى تأدية خدمة مريحة وفعّالة في جوّ من الهدوء والأمان لتلاميذ المدرسة. لذا، يُرجى من الأهل التقيّد بما يلي حفاظًا على سلامة أولادنا.


1. أنظمة باص المدرسة

  • على التلميذ أن يكون جاهزًا عند نقطة وقوف الباص المتفق عليها عند الموعد المحدّد لوصول الباص.
  • التوجّه مباشرة الى الباص بعد انتهاء الحصّة الأخيرة. يغادر الباص المدرسة بعد عشر دقائق من نهاية الحصّة الأخيرة أيّ الساعة 3:05 p.m.. إن المدرسة غير مسؤولة عن أي تأخير للتلميذ ناتج عن الاهمال، أو اللعب.
  • تحتفظ المدرسة بحقّها في تعليق مشاركة أي تلميذ من المواصلات المدرسيّة بسبب سلوك غير لائق.
  • يستخدم باصات المدرسة التلاميذ المسجّلون فيها فقط.


2. السلوك داخل باص المدرسة :

تتمنّى المدرسة من أولادها التلاميذ :

1- احترام السائق والمرافقة ومعاملتهما بتقدير، والتقيُّد بتوجيهاتهما.

2- الجلوس على المقعد المخصّص لهم ووضع حزام الأمان عند سير الباص.

3- إبقاء الايدي والرأس داخل الباص في جميع الأوقات.

4- عدم الصراخ أو التحدّث بصوت مرتفع يزعج الآخرين.

5- عدم الاكل والشرب إلاّ في ظروف يُتفق عليها.

6- عدم تخريب الباص ومقاعده أو الكتابة عليها أو على الزجاج.

7- إبقاء الحقائب والكتب والأغراض الشخصيّة بعيدة عن ممر التلاميذ داخل الباص.

8- عدم رمي أي شيء من نافذة الباص.


3. الإذن بمغادرة باص المدرسة:

1- الالتزام بمسار الباص : أي نزول التلميذ من الباص في المكان المتّفق عليه منذ بدء العام الدراسيّ.

2- تغيير الباص : لا تقبل إدارة المدرسة بنقل التلميذ من باص الى باص آخر نظرًا الى الأماكن المحدودة.

3- في حال قرّر الأهل اصطحاب اولادهم من المدرسة واليها بأنفسهم في يوم معيّن، عليهم ابلاغ إدارة قسم أولادهم في المدرسة خطيًّا أو ارسال بريد الكتروني الى مديرة القسم.


4. الإجراءات التأديبية للتلاميذ المشاركين في باص المدرسة :

     إنّ التلميذ الذي لا يلتزم بقواعد السلوك داخل الباص يكون عرضة للإجراءات التالية :

  • تنبيه شفهيّ من المسؤول في الباص.
  • تنبيه خطيّ.
  • تغيير مكان التلميذ في الباص عينه.

        في حال تكرار المخالفة ومضايقة الآخرين :

  • يبلّغ المسؤول عن الباصات إدارة المدرسة التي بدورها تُبلّغ الأهل بالإجراءات التي اتخذت.

في حال قيام التلميذ بأي سلوك يعيق السائق ويعرّض سلامة التلاميذ للخطر كاستخدام الفاظ منافية للأخلاق، أو الشجار والدفع والتصارع، أو رفض طاعة المرافقة :

  • يُمنَع المخالف من استخدام باص المدرسة من يوم الى عشرة أيام وذلك بحسب ما تراه إدارة المدرسة مناسبًا.وفي حال تكرار المخالفة، يُمنَع المخالف نهائيًا من استخدام الباص.