Elementary II Division Rules and Regulations


  1. I.Rules & Regulations
  1. Uniform: The school uniform, as detailed in Appendix A.
  2. Tardiness and Absence:

            Students are expected to be

  • In the Assembly Hall before 7:45 a.m.
  • In class by the 2nd bell after the 1st recess
  • In the appropriate playground by the 2nd bell after the 2nd recess

     –          In case of absence, parents should inform the Administration about the reason.

     –          In case of absence due to sickness for more than two days, a medical report is required.

     –          Repeated tardiness will be regarded as deliberate; it will be dealt with firmly.

     –          A medical report is required in case of absences from exams.

  1. Transportation and Departure from SchoolStudents are not allowed to leave school before the closing bell or leave with anyone other than the parents or the person assigned by the parents without a permission from the Division Principal. In case of any changes, parents should send a request by mail or written to the Administrative Secretary. Students who are not picked up from the Division before 3:15 p.m. will be waiting at the main gate.   (The bus transportation policy is detailed in Appendix D)
  2. Classroom Rules: Students should respect and take care of school property. Inappropriate behavior in class such as: eating, drinking, chewing gum, writing on desks and walls and use of all electronic devices is not tolerated.
  3. Written Work: All written work must be submitted on time, neat, tidy, and personal.
  4. Circulation in and out of the Division or Assigned Areas: Students are expected to be silent during Assembly, on the stairs, and in the hallways, and cannot leave the division without permission.
  5. Dishonesty: All forms of dishonesty will be dealt with promptly.
  6. Nonacademic Classes: All students are expected to attend and participate in non-academic classes.
  7. Mobile Phones: The use or display of mobile phones is categorically prohibited during school hours. In the rare event of an emergency requiring the student to have her/his mobile, it will be kept in the Administration and handed back to her/him at the end of the school day.

Kindly note that to avoid disturbing ongoing classes, access to the EII Division has been diverted to the black gate next to the Intermediate Division.

  1. II.Discipline

Jesus & Mary School students are expected to observe a decent composure that reflects their upbringing and JM “belonging” at all times and in all circumstances.

The conduct is graded over hundred on the Report Card. The student gets a full grade if he/she behaves well and follows the Division Rules. Any inappropriate behavior will be dealt with accordingly.

At the 1st incident:

The student will be given an oral warning, and the matter will be discussed with her/him to help her/him understand the implications of her/his misbehavior and adjust her/his behavior with the concerned teacher or supervisor.

From the 2nd incident onwards:

The teacher or supervisor will give the student a Disciplinary Slip, and one or more point(s) will be deducted depending on the nature of the misconduct.

(Please refer to Appendix B for the adopted Disciplinary Slip.)

  • The three categories of offenses are:
  1. Minor Misbehavior: Misbehaviors that are considered to be minor, unintentional, and non-disruptive.
  2. Major Misbehavior: Misbehaviors that are disruptive, intentional, and relatively serious.
  3. Serious Misbehavior: Misbehaviors that are serious, deliberate, and unworthy of a Jesus & Mary Student.

(Any repeated offense – though minor – will automatically be considered as deliberate and, thus, serious.)

  • Disciplinary Slips may be issued by the Principal, Assistant Principal, teachers, or supervisors.
  • Once a student is issued a Disciplinary Slip, s/he must leave the classroom; register the offense with her/his respective supervisor, then return to class. Teachers issuing Disciplinary Slips are requested to register the student’s name on the Daily Teaching Record.
  • All disciplinary slips should be signed by the student, the teacher/supervisor, the Principal, and the student’s parents /guardians.

Deduction of points occurs as follows:

  1. First Category-Minor Misbehavior:
Misbehavior Measure

Noncompliance with the classroom rules:
– Chatting

– Causing distraction

– Inattention

– Sleeping

One point

One point

One point

One point

Impoliteness towards peers         One point
Noncompliance with the uniform rules One point
Noncompliance with safety measures One point

Academic Malpractice:
– Not doing homework

– Not having book/copybook

– Not writing notes

One point

One point

One point

Tardiness One point
Eating, drinking or chewing in class One point
Off task behavior One point
Chatting during tests One point
Not following instructions One point

Any Minor Misbehavior repeated three times will automatically be considered major.

  1. Second Category-Major Misbehaviors:
Misbehavior Measure
Premeditated cheating Five points
Impoliteness/Lack of respect towards teachers and staff members Five points
Verbal and minor violence Five points
Possession of prohibited items, mobiles Five points
Absence from or leaving class without permission Five points
Repeated minor misbehavior Five points
Bullying Five points

For Major Misbehavior, five points are removed from the total amount of points and this needs the Principal’s approval.

  1. Third Category-Serious Misbehavior:
Misbehavior Measure
Vandalism Decided by the Disciplinary Council
Physical Violence Decided by the Disciplinary Council
Repeated Bullying Ten Points and Decided by the Disciplinary Council

Losing points will lead to the following measures:

Total Remaining Points Measure
90 Warning Letter *
85 Meeting with parents
80 Two-day Suspension
70 One-week Suspension
65 and below Expulsion

*a warning letter means that the student’s behavior is becoming alarming and an improvement is requested to avoid suspension or expulsion.

The student can receive a Blooming Slip and gain points if s/he respects the Rules and Regulations during all the school hours and if her/his behavior towards the person offended has noticeably improved. (Please see Appendix C).

The Guidance and Counseling Department will be informed in case of serious and repetitive misbehaviors.

The School Rector reserves the right to overrule any or all of the above Rules and Regulations.


Elementary II Division Uniform

The JM Elementary II Division uniform consists of:

  1. The official school uniform to be worn on all formal occasions.
  2. The regular school uniform to be worn daily except on formal occasions.
  3. The sports uniform to be worn on P.E. days only.
  4. The Laboratory Coat (for Gr.6 students).

A. The Official School Uniform:

  • JM red checkered skirt for girls (knee-length). *
  • Green school trousers for boys. *
  • White long sleeved school shirt (to be worn tucked in the skirt and trousers). *
  • School cardigan. *

BThe Regular School Uniform:

On Cold Days:

  • Green school trousers or red checkered skirt for girls (knee-length). *
  • White long sleeved JM polo shirt. *
  • School cardigan. *

On Warm Days:

  • Green school bermuda (also allowed for girls) or red checkered skirt (knee-length for both). *
  • White short-sleeved polo shirt. *

C. The Sports Uniform:

On Cold Days:

  • School jumper suit. *

On Warm Days:

  • School PE polo shirt and shorts (knee-length). *

D. The Laboratory Coat is mandatory for Gr.6 students. *


  • Students can wear any other school uniform item available at home (green school pullover or vest, school anorak, …)
  • Socks must be white.
  • Tights must be opaque black.
  • Shoes must be dark-colored (black, dark blue, grey or brown). Trainers are only allowed for PE.
  • Turtle neck jumper under the JM Polo or shirt must be white.
  • Girls with long hair should keep it tied away from their faces.
  • Boys should have short hair.
  • Dyed hair, makeup, nail polish, and jewelry are not allowed.

* Items found exclusively in the School store.


Jesus & Mary School – Rabweh                    2022-2023
Elementary II Division.         Date: ___/___/___


Student’s Name: _____________________________

Class: ___________                  Time:    ___________

Minor Misbehavior (-1)

Chatting/Causing distraction        Inattention   

o  Not following instructions            o Not doing homework                  

Eating and/or chewing in class     Sleeping  

Off task behavior                          Impoliteness towards peers         

o Not having book/copybook       

o Chatting during tests and exams

Morning Tardiness                  

Noncompliance with the uniform rules      

Noncompliance with safety measures

Major Misbehavior (-5)

o Premeditated cheating                 o Bullying

o Impoliteness/Lack of Respect towards teachers and staff members

o Verbal and minor physical violence

o Prohibited items or cellphone

o Repeated minor misbehavior

o Absence from or leaving class without permission

Serious Misbehavior (Disciplinary Council)

oVandalism                                    o Physical Violence

                        o Repeated bullying         

o Other (specify): _____________________________

Teacher’s/ Supervisor’s Signature


Student’s Signature


Principal’s/Assistant Principal’s Signature


                                                                              Thank you


Jesus & Mary School – Rabweh                   2022-2023
Elementary II Division.   Date: ___/___/___


Student’s Name: ______________________

Class: ________                     Time: ________

Slight improvement (+1)

  • Attitude/Behavior
  • Remarkable initiative

Major improvement for at least one month (+5)

  • Attitude/Behavior
  • Remarkable initiative
  • o Other (specify): ___________________________


Teacher’s/Administrator’s Name and Signature

                                                                             Thank you

قطاع النقل


يهدف النقل المدرسيّ الى تأدية خدمة مريحة وفعّالة في جوّ من الهدوء والأمان لتلاميذ المدرسة. لذا، يُرجى من الأهل التقيّد بما يلي حفاظًا على سلامة أولادنا.


1. أنظمة باص المدرسة

  • على التلميذ أن يكون جاهزًا عند نقطة وقوف الباص المتفق عليها عند الموعد المحدّد لوصول الباص.
  • التوجّه مباشرة الى الباص بعد انتهاء الحصّة الأخيرة. يغادر الباص المدرسة بعد عشر دقائق من نهاية الحصّة الأخيرة أيّ الساعة 3:05 p.m.. إن المدرسة غير مسؤولة عن أي تأخير للتلميذ ناتج عن الاهمال، أو اللعب.
  • تحتفظ المدرسة بحقّها في تعليق مشاركة أي تلميذ من المواصلات المدرسيّة بسبب سلوك غير لائق.
  • يستخدم باصات المدرسة التلاميذ المسجّلون فيها فقط.


2. السلوك داخل باص المدرسة :

تتمنّى المدرسة من أولادها التلاميذ :

1- احترام السائق والمرافقة ومعاملتهما بتقدير، والتقيُّد بتوجيهاتهما.

2- الجلوس على المقعد المخصّص لهم ووضع حزام الأمان عند سير الباص.

3- إبقاء الايدي والرأس داخل الباص في جميع الأوقات.

4- عدم الصراخ أو التحدّث بصوت مرتفع يزعج الآخرين.

5- عدم الاكل والشرب إلاّ في ظروف يُتفق عليها.

6- عدم تخريب الباص ومقاعده أو الكتابة عليها أو على الزجاج.

7- إبقاء الحقائب والكتب والأغراض الشخصيّة بعيدة عن ممر التلاميذ داخل الباص.

8- عدم رمي أي شيء من نافذة الباص.


3. الإذن بمغادرة باص المدرسة:

1- الالتزام بمسار الباص : أي نزول التلميذ من الباص في المكان المتّفق عليه منذ بدء العام الدراسيّ.

2- تغيير الباص : لا تقبل إدارة المدرسة بنقل التلميذ من باص الى باص آخر نظرًا الى الأماكن المحدودة.

3- في حال قرّر الأهل اصطحاب اولادهم من المدرسة واليها بأنفسهم في يوم معيّن، عليهم ابلاغ إدارة قسم أولادهم في المدرسة خطيًّا أو ارسال بريد الكتروني الى مديرة القسم.


4. الإجراءات التأديبية للتلاميذ المشاركين في باص المدرسة :

     إنّ التلميذ الذي لا يلتزم بقواعد السلوك داخل الباص يكون عرضة للإجراءات التالية :

  • تنبيه شفهيّ من المسؤول في الباص.
  • تنبيه خطيّ.
  • تغيير مكان التلميذ في الباص عينه.

        في حال تكرار المخالفة ومضايقة الآخرين :

  • يبلّغ المسؤول عن الباصات إدارة المدرسة التي بدورها تُبلّغ الأهل بالإجراءات التي اتخذت.

في حال قيام التلميذ بأي سلوك يعيق السائق ويعرّض سلامة التلاميذ للخطر كاستخدام الفاظ منافية للأخلاق، أو الشجار والدفع والتصارع، أو رفض طاعة المرافقة :

  • يُمنَع المخالف من استخدام باص المدرسة من يوم الى عشرة أيام وذلك بحسب ما تراه إدارة المدرسة مناسبًا.وفي حال تكرار المخالفة، يُمنَع المخالف نهائيًا من استخدام الباص.