Opportunities for needy students to receive financial aid are available in the form of:


1. Payments in Installments: Parents who wish to settle the tuition and bus fees in several installments, instead of three payments only, are requested to visit the Finance Department and fill out a special form, stating the reason for the installments. 


2. Discounts on Fees: Parents are requested to visit the Finance Department by the end of November at the latest, and fill out a special form for discount on fees, stating the reason for this request.


       Discounts will only be granted in the 3rd term and parents must settle all their 1st and 2nd Term dues before receiving any discount on fees.



No discounts are granted for KGI classes or new students.


3. The School Social Worker will visit parents who apply for tuition fee discount at home to get a better idea of their situation and of the family’s present living condition