Intermediate Division Rules and Regulations


I. Rules and Regulations


Order, equality, and discipline are among the virtues promoted by Jesus & Mary School. The school uniform is essential in that it helps students acquire the above and develop their sense of belonging to the school community.

  • The school uniform, as detailed in the enclosed Appendix A, is divided into two parts: the regular and the official uniform.
  • Students failing to wear the correct uniform will be given a letter specifying the non-conforming uniform item(s) and asked to comply with the rules.
  • Second time offense will be regarded as deliberate and students’ parents will be asked to send the proper uniform from home.
  • Further offenses will be regarded as serious premeditated actions and will be categorized as Serious Misbehavior. Please refer to Discipline on page 5.

B. Tardiness and Absence:

Punctuality is a value to be developed and observed by all as it reflects self-discipline and respect for others.

  • Students are expected to be:
    • In the Intermediate Main Hall before 7:45 a.m. every day.
    • In class by the 2nd bell after recess.
  • Students coming late must be accompanied by a parent or guardian and cannot enter class unless with a permission slip signed by the Principal.
  • Repeated tardiness will be regarded as deliberate and categorized as Serious Misbehavior.
  • Tardiness on the day of an assigned test or exam is not allowed.
  • In case of absence, the student’s parents or guardians must call the Division Administration to specify the reason of the absence.
  • A medical report from the treating physician is required for any absence of more than two school days, unless required to do so by our Medical Department.
  • Absence from scheduled tests or exams is serious:
    • Absent students will be allowed to sit for a make-up test only if a written medical report from the treating physician is submitted to the Principal. As with regard to absence from exams, a written medical report from the school physician is required. Otherwise, absent students will be given the minimum grade on the missed test or exam.
    • A student may sit for a maximum of three make-up tests/exams during any one term.
    • Make-up tests/exams are administered on a designated day within a maximum of one working week from the missed tests/exams.

C.Safety and Transportation:

Since our priority at Jesus & Mary school is the student safety and well-being, students are not allowed to leave school before the closing bell or leave with anyone other than the parents without a permission from the Division Principal.

  • Students cannot be dropped off before the opening of the school gate at 7:00 a.m.
  • Students are to be picked up as soon as the school day ends.
  • The students are not allowed to walk on their own to meet you outside the school.
  • Students need to inform the school if they will not be leaving by bus on a certain day.

Kindly note that students are not allowed to change bus, due to seating limitation and safety precautions.

D.Classroom Rules:

School is a community in which all thrive in mutual respect. Respect at Jesus & Mary is three-fold: All members of the community are invited to developing self-respect, respect of others, and respect of school property.

  • Eating, drinking, chewing gum, writing on desks and walls and use of all electronic devices are examples of inappropriate behavior not tolerated in class.
  • Students are expected to be in class before the teacher comes in and are expected to refrain from visiting other classes or circulating in the hallway between classes. Students who are late to class will be given a Disciplinary Slip by the teacher.
  • Parents of students suffering from a particular condition requiring special attention are asked to inform the Principal of the matter so that appropriate measures may be taken.
  • Permission to leave class is granted by the incoming teacher.
  • Students are expected to respect and to take care of school property at all times. They will be penalized for any damage or loss of school property or equipment such as rented books, desks, walls, doors, lavatories, and so on. Any deliberate disrespect of school property or inappropriate behavior will be considered as Serious Misbehavior.
  • Students are expected to have their books, copybooks, and stationery ready. Kindly note that for their own safety, borrowing stationery, calculators or any other material from others is not allowed.

E.Written Work:

At Jesus & Mary, assessment and evaluation are comprehensive and continuous. Thus, every item of student work is valued.

  • All written work (homework, projects, assignments, and so on) must be submitted on time, neat, and tidy.
  • In case assigned work is repeatedly submitted late, the matter will be considered as deliberate and will be dealt with accordingly.
  • Written work, unless otherwise specified, is strictly personal. Thus, any copied work will be regarded as cheating and will be categorized as Serious Misbehavior.

F.Circulation in and out of the Division:

Jesus & Mary Intermediate Division students are role models to their younger peers and are recognized by their demeanor, their politeness, and their compliance with the rules they have helped in setting.

  • Students are expected to be silent during Assembly, on the stairs, and in the hallways.
  • Students are requested not to be in the classrooms during the breaks and before classes start.
  • Students changing classrooms are to be accompanied either by the teacher in charge or by the Supervisor.
  • Permission to leave the Division building is granted by the Principal, Assistant Principal, or the Supervisor.
  • Permission to leave School before the closing bell is granted by the Principal.
  • Students visiting other Divisions should obtain a Permission Slip from the Supervisor or the Division Administration Offices.
  • Students returning to the Division are asked to inform the Division Administration Office of their return.
  • Students wishing to go to the Infirmary should obtain a permission from the Principal, Assistant Principal, or Supervisor; then, upon their return to class, the nurse on duty calls the Supervisor to inform them of the diagnosis or treatment taken. The Supervisor then admits the student back to class.
  • Failure to comply with any of the above will be considered as deliberate disruptive behavior.

G.Test Taking

We, at Jesus & Mary School, believe in the importance of order, fairness, and honesty. In order to impartially ensure these standards, we have put in place a clear policy concerning the administration of tests and exams:

  • Students must remain seated silently, throughout the test, from the moment the teacher starts distributing test papers, until the last paper has been recollected and the class is dismissed.
  • Timing is a critical part of the test. Consequently, when the teacher declares that time is up, regardless of the bell, the students must put their pens down instantly. They are then asked to pass their papers forward, while remaining seated and silent.
  • It is worth mentioning again that students need to have everything they need for a test ready, as borrowing is not allowed.

All of the above applies for quizzes, tests, and exams.

Any breach in the above rules is considered cheating and will be dealt with as such.


Honesty is one of the fundamental values defined by the Jesus & Mary School ethos which all Jesus & Mary School members strongly advocate. At Jesus & Mary, dishonesty is a serious offense and a major symptom of fundamental underlying ills. As such, it is in no way tolerated in the Intermediate Division. Dishonesty may take the form of plagiarism, copied work, lying, cheating in tests and exams, etc.

  • All forms of dishonesty will be dealt with promptly by the Division Principal and concerned adult (teacher, staff member and others) and will be categorized as Serious Misbehavior.
  • Whenever a student is caught cheating by the test/exam supervisor, the school reserves the right to remove the paper and consider the test/exam invalid, or allow the student to continue her/his work, depending on the gravity of the offense. In any case, a minimum of 25% will be deducted from the test/exam grade.
  • Repeated cheating may lead to immediate suspension or expulsion from School upon the Rector’s decision.

I.Nonacademic Classes:

At Jesus & Mary, education is holistic. Thus, the importance of all non-academic classes and activities is recognized and valued.

  • All students are expected to attend and participate in non-academic classes. Exception is made for those students with a written medical report stating that they are to be exempted from P.E. These students will be asked to conduct a research on a certain P.E. topic instead.

J.Mobile Phones:

Mobile phones are beneficial and necessary tools in many a circumstance. However, they are distracting, incompatible with studying, and irrelevant in a school setting.

  • The use or display of mobile phones is categorically prohibited during school hours.
  • Mobile phones are to be kept switched off and out of sight from 7:45 a.m. to 2:55 a.m.
  • Students may not use their mobile phones to call their parents. If they need to get in touch with them, they may ask permission from the Division Administration to call them using the school’s landline. Parents who need to leave a message to their child, may do so through the Division Administration.
  • Failing to comply with the above policy will lead to the confiscation of the phone for at least one full week the first time, for two weeks the second time, and for a whole semester the third time.

K. Smoking, Vaping, and Substance Use:

  • The possession and/or use of prohibited substances is strictly forbidden and will lead to immediate suspension or expulsion from school.

II. Discipline

The sole purpose of all Jesus & Mary Rules and Regulations is to help students develop their full potential and become self-disciplined role models for others. Discipline is designed to encourage and celebrate positive behavior as well as effectively guide students to recognizing and moving away any disruptive behavior.

Jesus & Mary School students are expected to observe a composure that reflects their upbringing and JM belonging at all times and in all circumstances. Any inappropriate behavior will be dealt with accordingly.

  • Please refer to Appendix B for the adopted Disciplinary Slip.
  • Disciplinary Slips may be issued by the Principal, Assistant Principal, teachers, or supervisors.
  • Students are NOT to leave the classroom for misconduct without a Disciplinary Slip.
  • Once a student is issued a Disciplinary Slip, s/he must leave the classroom; register the offense with her/his respective supervisor, then return to class. Teachers issuing Disciplinary Slips are requested to register the student’s name on the Daily Teaching Record.
  • The Principal then categorizes the offense committed and deals with the matter accordingly.
  • The three categories of offenses are:
  1. Minor Misbehavior: Misbehaviors that are considered to be minor, unintentional, and non-disruptive.
  2. Major Misbehavior: Misbehaviors that are disruptive, intentional and relatively serious.
  3. Serious Misbehavior: Misbehaviors that are serious, deliberate and unworthy of a Jesus & Mary Student.
  • Any repeated offense – though minor – will automatically be considered as deliberate and, thus, serious.

A.First Category: Minor Misbehavior:

Misbehavior Measure

Noncompliance with the classroom rules:
– Chatting

– Causing distraction

– Inattention

– Sleeping

One point

One point

One point

One point

Noncompliance with the uniform rules One point
Noncompliance with safety measures One point

Academic Malpractice:
– Not doing homework

– Disrespecting deadlines

– Not having book/copybook

– Not writing notes

One point

One point

One point

One point

Tardiness One point
Eating, drinking or chewing in class One point
Chatting during tests and exams One point
Off task behavior One point

Any Minor Misbehavior repeated five times will automatically be considered major.

B.Second Category: Major Misbehaviors:

Misbehavior Measure
Premeditated cheating Five points
Impoliteness/Lack of respect Five points
Verbal and minor violence Five points
Possession of prohibited items Five points
Absence from or leaving class without permission Five points
Using the cellphone without permission Five points
Repeated minor misbehavior Five points

For Major Misbehavior, five points are removed from the total amount of points and this needs the Principal’s approval. Parents are directly informed of the same misbehavior and the measure can vary from community service work, to a one-day school suspension, or up to a whole week school suspension.

C.Third Category: Serious Misbehavior:

Misbehavior Measure
Vandalism Decided by the Disciplinary Council
Physical Violence Decided by the Disciplinary Council
Substance Use Decided by the Disciplinary Council
Bullying Ten Points & Decided by the Disciplinary Council

This third category falls under the zero tolerance category. Parents are called immediately and extreme measures are taken depending on the act itself and on the student’s disciplinary record.

Bullying, as well as some other incidents, will be handled with the assistance of the school psychologist.


Improvement Merit
Slight improvement One point
Major improvement for at least one month Five points

The Merit is suggested by the teacher who has given the student the warning or the Disciplinary Slip, and is given when the student shows good behavioral progress for at least two weeks and good academic performance. The Merit is only implemented at the teacher’s discretion and after the deliberation of the Disciplinary Council and the approval of the Principal.

The Merit Slip neutralizes a disciplinary slip previously given.

The Principal has the right however to give more points in case the positive change is big and for a long period of time.

The Merit Slip can also be given to a student who is exemplary, worthy of praise, or who has demonstrated remarkable initiative.


When the student has 10 points removed, s/he gets a warning letter that could help her/him be more aware of the situation and take her/his own behavior in hand.

After this letter, if her/his behavior does not improve and s/he has 10 additional points removed, s/he will go on a one-day suspension.

Losing five extra points will lead her/him to a two-day suspension. Losing five more points will lead to a one-week suspension. If the student reaches 65/100, s/he will be asked to withdraw from school.

Points Measure
90 Warning Letter
80 One-day Suspension
75 Two-day Suspension
70 One-week Suspension
65 and below Expulsion

A student whose Conduct Grade goes below 75/100 could be reoriented to another school and might face expulsion.

When a Major or a Serious Misbehavior is committed, the Disciplinary Council meets upon the Principal’s request, and sends the suggested measures decided as well as the procedure to be followed to the Rector (and Vice-Rector for School Life), who in turn takes the final decision.

F.The Disciplinary Council

The Disciplinary Council, headed by the Rector and the Vice Rector, is a council that includes at least five other members: the Principal, a Supervisor of the designated level, the Homeroom teacher, and two teachers. The Principal chooses the teachers and any other staff member she believes must take part in the decision.

Once the decision is taken and approved, the parents are informed and the decision is irrevocable.

  • It is to be noted that the Conduct Grade is very important for promotion to the upper level.
  • A student member of the student council having received a suspension will be immediately asked to step down from her/his responsibility.
  • All Disciplinary Slips must be signed by the student’s parent or guardian.

The School Rector reserves the right to overrule any or all of the above rules and regulations.

Josy Fadel

Intermediate Principal


Intermediate Division Uniform Code

The JM Intermediate Division uniform consists of:

  1. The official school uniform to be worn on all formal occasions.
  2. The regular school uniform to be worn every single day except on formal occasions.
  3. The sports uniform to be worn on P.E. days only.
  4. The Laboratory Coat.

A. The Official School Uniform:

  • JM red checkered skirt for girls (knee-length). *
  • Green school trousers for boys. *
  • White long sleeved school shirt (to be worn tucked in the skirt and trousers). *
  • School cardigan. *

BThe Regular School Uniform:

On cold days:

  • Green school trousers or red checkered skirt for girls (knee-length). *
  • White long sleeved JM polo shirt. *
  • School cardigan or grey and dark green Intermediate hoodie. *

On warm days:

  • Green school bermuda (also allowed for girls) or red checkered skirt for girls (knee-length for both). *
  • White short-sleeved polo shirt. *

C. The Sports Uniform:

On cold days:

  • School jumper suit. *

On warm days:

  • School PE polo shirt and shorts (knee-length). *

D. The Laboratory Coat is mandatory for Science laboratory sessions. *


  • Students can wear any other school uniform item available at home (green school pullover or vest, school anorak, …)
  • Socks must be white.
  • Tights must be opaque black.
  • Shoes must be dark-colored (black, dark blue, grey or brown). Trainers are only allowed for PE.
  • Turtle neck jumper under the JM Polo or shirt must be white.
  • Girls with long hair or bangs should keep them tied away from their faces.
  • Boys must have short hair.
  • Dyed hair, makeup, nail polish and jewelry are not allowed.

* Items found exclusively in the School store.


Jesus & Mary School – Rabweh                 2022 – 2023
Intermediate Division   Date: ____/____/____


Student’s Name: _____________________________

Class: __________                        Time: ___________

Minor Misbehavior: (-1)

Noncompliance with classroom rules

Noncompliance with uniform rules

Noncompliance with safety measures

Academic malpractice


Eating/Drinking/Chewing in class

Major Misbehavior: (-5)



Verbal and minor violence

Possession of prohibited items

Absence from or leaving class without permission

Using the cellphone without permission

Serious Misbehavior: (Disciplinary Council)


Physical violence

Substance use

Bullying (-10)

Other/Specify: _________________________________


Teacher’s/Administrator’s Name and Signature

Administrator’s Decision: ______________________

Administrator’s Remark:   _______________________


Administrator’s Signature: ______________________


Parent’s/Guardian’s Name and Signature

                                                                     Thank you


Jesus & Mary School – Rabweh             2022 – 2023
Intermediate Division   Date: ____/____/____

                                      MERIT SLIP

Student’s Name: _____________________________

Class: __________                        Time: ___________

Slight improvement for at least two weeks: (+1)



Remarkable Initiative

Major improvement for at least one month: (+5)



Remarkable Initiative

Other/Specify: _________________________________




Teacher’s/Administrator’s Name and Signature

Administrator’s Remark: _______________________


Administrator’s Signature: _____________________


Parent’s/Guardian’s Name and Signature

                                                                   Thank you