Secondary Division Rules and Regulations



I.Rules & Regulations



Order, equality, and discipline are among the virtues promoted by Jesus & Mary School. The school uniform is essential in that it helps students acquire the above and develop their sense of belonging to the school community.


  • The school uniform, as detailed in the enclosed Appendix A, is divided into two parts: the regular and the official uniform.


  • Students failing to wear the correct uniform will be given a letter specifying the non-conforming uniform item(s) and asked to comply with the rules.


  • Second time infringement will be regarded as deliberate and the student’s parents will be asked to send the proper uniform from home.


  • Further infringement will be regarded as serious premeditated actions and will be categorized as Serious Misbehavior.


B.Tardiness and Absence:

Punctuality is a value to be developed and observed by all as it reflects self-discipline and respect for others.

  • Students are expected to be:
    • In the Assembly Hall before 7:45 a.m. every day.
    • In class by the 2nd bell after recess.
  • Students coming late must be accompanied by a parent or guardian and cannot enter class unless with a permission slip signed by the Principal.
  • Tardiness on the day of an assigned test or exam is not allowed.
  • In case of absence, the student’s parents or guardians must call the Division Administration to specify the reason for absence.
  • A medical report from the treating physician is required for any absence of more than two school days.
  • Absence from scheduled tests or exams is serious.
  • Absent students will be allowed to sit for a make-up test only if a written medical report from the treating physician is submitted to the Principal. As with regard to absence from exams, a written medical report from the school physician is required. Otherwise, absent students will be given the minimum grade on the missed test or exam.
  • A student may sit for a maximum of three make-up tests/exams during any one term.
  • Make-up tests/exams are given on a designated day within a maximum of one working week from the missed tests/exams.

C. Transportation and Departure from School:

Since our priority at Jesus & Mary school is the student safety and well-being, students are not allowed to leave school before the closing bell, or leave with anyone other than the parents or the person assigned by the parents without a permission from the Division Principal.

Kindly note that students are not allowed to change bus due to seating limitation and safety precautions.


D.Classroom Rules:

School is a community in which all thrive in mutual respect. Respect at Jesus & Mary is three-fold: all members of the community are invited to develop self-respect, respect of others, and respect of school property.

  • Eating, drinking, chewing gum, writing on desks and walls and use of all electronic devices are examples of inappropriate behavior not tolerated in class.
  • Students are expected to be in class before the teacher comes in and are expected to refrain from visiting other classes or circulating in the hallway between classes. Students who are late to class will be given a Disciplinary Slip by the teacher.
  • Parents of students suffering from a particular condition requiring special attention are asked to inform the Principal of the matter so that appropriate measures may be taken.
  • Permission to leave class is granted by the incoming teacher.
  • Students are expected to respect and to take care of school property at all times. They will be penalized for any damage or loss of school property or equipment such as rented books, desks, walls, doors, lavatories and so on. Any deliberate disrespect of school property or inappropriate behavior will be considered as Serious Misbehavior.


E.Written Work:

At Jesus & Mary, assessment and evaluation are comprehensive and continuous. Thus, every item of the student’s work is valued.

  • All written work (homework, projects, assignments and so on) must be submitted on time, neat, and tidy.
  • In case assigned work is repeatedly submitted late, the matter will be considered as deliberate and will be dealt with accordingly.
  • Written work, unless otherwise specified, is strictly personal. Thus, any copied work will be regarded as cheating and will be categorized as a Serious Misbehavior.


F.Circulation in and out of the Division:

Jesus & Mary Secondary students are role models to their younger peers and are recognized by their demeanor, their politeness, and their compliance with the rules.

  • Students are expected to be silent during Assembly, on the stairs, and in the hallways.
  • Students are requested not to be in the classrooms during the breaks and before classes start.
  • Students changing classrooms are to be accompanied either by the teacher in charge or by the Supervisor.
  • Permission to leave the Division building is granted by the Principal, Assistant Principal, or the Supervisor.
  • Permission to leave School before the closing bell is granted by the Principal.
  • Students returning to the Division are asked to inform the Supervisor of their return.
  • Students wishing to go to the Infirmary should obtain a Permission Slip from the Principal, Assistant Principal, or Supervisor and return it duly filled and signed by the nurse on duty to the Supervisor; then, upon their return to class, show it to the teacher.
  • Failure to comply with any of the above will be considered as deliberate disruptive behavior.



Honesty is one of the fundamental values defined by the Jesus & Mary School ethos which all Jesus & Mary School members strongly advocate. At Jesus & Mary, dishonesty is a Serious Misbehavior and a major symptom of fundamental underlying ills. As such, it is in no way tolerated in the Secondary Division. Dishonesty may take the form of plagiarism, copied work, lying, cheating in tests and exams, etc.

  • All forms of dishonesty will be dealt with promptly by the Division Principal in consultation with the Assistant Principal and concerned adult (teacher, staff member and others) and will be categorized as Serious Misbehavior.
  • Whenever a student is caught cheating by the test/exam supervisor, the school reserves the right to remove the paper and consider the test/exam invalid, or allow the student to continue her/his work depending on the gravity of the misbehavior. In any case, a minimum of 25% will be deducted from the test/exam grade.
  • Repeated cheating may lead to immediate suspension or expulsion from School upon the Rector’s decision.


H.Nonacademic Classes:

At Jesus & Mary, education is holistic; thus, the importance of all non-academic classes and activities.

  • All students are expected to attend and participate in non-academic classes. Exception is made for those students with a written medical report stating that they are to be exempted from P.E. These students will then have to attend a research methodology class instead.


I.Mobile Phones:

Mobile phones are beneficial and necessary tools in many a circumstance. However, they are distracting, incompatible with studying, and irrelevant in a school setting.

  • The use or display of mobile phones is categorically prohibited during school hours.
  • Mobile phones are to be kept switched off and out of sight from 7:45 a.m. to 2:55 p.m.
  • Failing to comply with the above policy will lead to the confiscation of the phone for at least one full week the first time, for two weeks the second time, and for a whole semester the third time.


J.Smoking and Substance Use:

  • The possession and consumption of alcohol, tobacco, and inhalants/solvents are strictly forbidden and will lead to detention, immediate suspension or expulsion from school.


II.Conduct Grade

The sole purpose of all Jesus & Mary Rules and Regulations is to help students develop their full potential and become self-disciplined role models for others. Discipline is designed to encourage and celebrate positive behavior as well as effectively guide students to recognizing and avoiding any disruptive behavior.

Jesus & Mary School students are expected to observe a decent composure that reflects their upbringing and JM belonging at all times and in all circumstances. Any inappropriate behavior will be dealt with accordingly.

  • Please refer to Appendix B for the adopted Disciplinary Slip.
  • Disciplinary Slips may be issued by the Principal, Assistant Principal, teachers, or supervisors.
  • Students are NOT to leave the classroom for misconduct without a Disciplinary Slip.
  • The Principal then categorizes the misbehavior committed and deals with the matter accordingly.
  • The three categories of misbehaviors are:
    • Minor Misbehavior: Misbehaviors that are considered to be minor, unintentional, and non-disruptive.

    • Major Misbehavior: Misbehaviors that are disruptive, intentional and relatively serious.

    • Serious Misbehavior: Misbehaviors that are serious, deliberate and unworthy of a Jesus & Mary Student.
  • Any repeated misbehavior – though minor – will automatically be considered as deliberate and, thus, serious.


A.First Category: Minor Misbehavior

Chatting /Causing distractionOne point
Eating and/or drinking in classOne point
ChewingOne point
Morning TardinessOne point
Noncompliance with the uniform rulesOne point
SleepingOne point
Off task behaviorOne point
Impoliteness towards peersOne point
Chatting during tests and examsOne point
Not doing homeworkOne point
Being late/Absent from classOne point

Any Minor Misbehavior repeated five times will automatically be considered major.


B.Second Category: Major Misbehaviors

Premeditated cheatingFive points
Impoliteness/Lack of respect towards teachers and staff membersFive points
Verbal and minor violenceFive points
Prohibited items (fireworks, tobacco, lighters, knives…)Five points
Repeated bullyingFive points
Repeated minor misbehaviorFive points
Absence from/or leaving class without permissionFive points
Using the cellphone without permissionFive points

For Major Misbehavior, five points are removed from the total amount of points and this needs the Principal’s approval. Parents are directly informed of the same misbehavior and the measure can vary from detention, to community service work, to a one-day school suspension, or to an out-of-school suspension.

Some of these misbehaviors, such as repeated bullying, will be handled with the counselor’s assistance.


  1. C.Third Category: Serious Misbehavior
VandalismDecided by the Disciplinary Council
Physical ViolenceDecided by the Disciplinary Council
Substance UseDecided by the Disciplinary Council

This third category falls under the zero tolerance category. Parents are called immediately and extreme measures are taken depending on the act itself and on the student’s disciplinary record.


D.Fourth Category: Academic Integrity

MalpracticeOffenceDisciplinary Measures
Copying from another student during a test or examMajor

-Zero on test or exam

-25% deduction of the final grade

-Not allowed to sit for a make-up test or exam

Reading an abridged version of a book instead of the original oneMinor-Oral warning
Turning an assignment copied from another studentSerious

-Do the assignment again and have grades subtracted

-Write an apology letter

Copying sentences from a book, journal or the internet without citing themMinor-Rewrite the assignment
Unauthorized collaborative work when the teacher asked for individualMajor-Written warning by the Principal
Using unauthorized material during a test or examSerious

-Academic probation

-Semester suspension from classes

Stealing someone else’s paper and passing it as one’s ownSerious-Meeting with the relevant student, parents, teacher, and Principal



Slight improvementOne point
Major improvement for at least one monthFive points
  • The Merit is suggested by the teacher who has given the student the warning or the demerit, and is given when the student shows good behavioral progress for at least two weeks and good academic performance. The Merit is only implemented at the teacher’s discretion and after the Principal’s approval.
  • The Merit Slip neutralizes a disciplinary slip previously given.
  • The Principal has the right however to give more points in case the positive change is big and for a long period of time.
  • The Merit Slip can also be given to a student who is exemplary, worthy of praise, or who has demonstrated remarkable initiative.



  • When the student has 10 points removed, he/she gets a warning letter that could help him/her be more aware of the situation and take his/her own behavior in hand.
  • After this letter, if his/her behavior does not improve and he/she has 10 additional points removed, he/she will get detention.
  • Losing five extra points will lead him/her to a suspension. If the student reaches 65/100, he/she will be asked to withdraw from school.
90Warning Letter
65 and belowExpulsion

A student whose Conduct Grade goes below 75/100 could be reoriented to another school and might face expulsion.

When a Major or a Serious Misbehavior is committed, the Disciplinary Council meets upon the Principal’s request, and sends the suggested measures decided as well as the procedure to be followed to the Rector (and Vice-Rector for School Life), who in turn takes the final decision.


G.The Disciplinary Council

  • The Disciplinary Council, headed by the Rector and the Vice Rector, is a council that includes at least five other members: The Principal, The Supervisor of the Class, The Homeroom Teacher, and Two Teachers. The Principal chooses the teachers and any other staff member he/she believes must take part in the decision.
  • Once the decision is taken and approved, the parents are informed and the decision is irrevocable.
  • It is to be noted that the Conduct Grade is very important for university files and school diploma.


H.The School Diploma

Any student whose conduct grade reaches 75/100 would lead him/her to a waiver of the school diploma.


The School Rector reserves the right to overrule any or all of the above Rules and Regulations.


Nathalie El Hani

Secondary Principal





Secondary Division Uniform Code – LADIES

As of October 2, 2019


The JM Secondary Division Ladies’ School Uniform consists of:

  1. The official uniform to be worn on all formal occasions.
  2. The regular school uniform to be worn on a daily basis.
  3. The sports uniform.


A.The official school uniform:

. School white shirt. *

. JM blazer. *

. School knee-length skirt*

. Black opaque tights.

. Below-the-ankle low heeled (less than 4 cm) black shoes. Trainers ARE NOT allowed.


B.The regular school uniform:

1.On cold days:

. Fine white turtle neck jumper under the white shirt.

. School pullover. *

. School cardigan. *

. School sleeveless vest. *

. Black trousers or the school knee-length skirt. *

. Black ankle boots.

. White, beige, black, or grey coat.

. White, beige, black, or grey neck scarf.      

2.On warm days:

. White short-sleeved polo shirt* instead of the white shirt. (The polo shirt may be worn above the school skirt).


C.The sports uniform:

. School designated jumper suit. *

. Sports polo shirt. *

. School sports shorts. *

. White ankle socks.

. Trainer shoes.


P.S. Please note that the lab coat is mandatory.

* Items found exclusively in the school store.


Secondary Division Uniform Code – GENTLEMEN


The JM Secondary Division Gentlemen’s School Uniform consists of:

  1. The official uniform to be worn on all formal occasions.
  2. The regular school uniform to be worn on a daily basis.
  3. The sports uniform.

A.The official school uniform:

      . School white shirt. *

      . JM blazer. *

      . Grey school trousers. *

      . Sweater.

      . Dark socks.

      . Black shoes. Trainers are NOT allowed.

      . Belts.

      . JM slim cut red tie. *


B.The regular school uniform:


1.On cold days:

      . Fine white turtle neck jumper under the white shirt.

      . School pullover. *

       . School cardigan. *

       . School sleeveless vest. *

       . Secondary Division sweatshirt. *                    

       . Grey school trousers. *

       . Black boots or trainers.

      . White, beige, black, or grey coat.

      . White, beige, black, or grey neck scarf.


2.On warm days:

. White short-sleeved polo shirt. *

. Grey Bermuda Shorts*


C.The sports uniform:

      . School designated jumper suit. *

      . Sports polo shirt. *

      . School sports shorts. *

      . White ankle socks.

      . Trainer shoes.



     . Short hair and clean-shaven.


P.S. The lab coat is mandatory.

* Items found exclusively in the school store.




Jesus & Mary School – Rabweh        2022-2023
Secondary Division. Date: ___/___/___


Student’s Name: _____________________________

Class: ___________                 Time:  ___________

Minor Misbehavior (-1)

Chatting / Causing distraction     oChewing  

Eating and/or drinking in classoMorning Tardiness

Noncompliance with the uniform rules

o Not doing homework


Impoliteness towards peers        

Off task behavior

o Chatting during tests and exams

Major Misbehavior (-5)

o Premeditated cheatingo Repeated bullying

o Impoliteness / Lack of Respect towards teachers and staff members

o Verbal and minor physical violence

o Prohibited items (fireworks, tobacco, lighters, knives…)

o Repeated tardiness during the day

o Absence from class without valid reason

Serious Misbehavior (Disciplinary Council)

Vandalism                                   o Physical Violence

                       o Substance use        

o Other (specify): _____________________________


Teacher’s/ Administrator’s Name and Signature


                                                                                       Thank you

Jesus & Mary School – Rabweh       2022-2023
Secondary Division. Date: ___/___/___


Student’s Name: ______________________

Class: ________                     Time: ________


Slight improvement (+1)

  • Attitude/Behavior
  • Remarkable initiative

Major improvement for at least one month (+5)

  • Attitude/Behavior
  • Remarkable initiative
  • o Other (specify): ___________________________



Teacher’s/Administrator’s Name and Signature


                                                                             Thank you


في 5 تشرين الأول 2019


قطاع النقل

يهدف النقل المدرسيّ الى تأدية خدمة مريحة وفعّالة في جوّ من الهدوء والأمان لتلاميذ المدرسة. لذا، يُرجى من الأهل التقيّد بما يلي حفاظًا على سلامة أولادنا.

1- أنظمة باص المدرسة

‌أ-        على التلميذ أن يكون جاهزًا عند نقطة وقوف الباص المتفق عليها عند الموعد المحدّد لوصول الباص.

‌ب-    التوجّه مباشرة الى الباص بعد انتهاء الحصّة الأخيرة. يغادر الباص المدرسة بعد عشر دقائق من نهاية الحصّة الأخيرة أيّ الساعة 3:05 p.m.. إن المدرسة غير مسؤولة عن أي تأخير للتلميذ ناتج عن الاهمال، أو اللعب، أو التلهّي في الكافيتريا وغيرها.

‌ج-     تحتفظ المدرسة بحقّها في تعليق مشاركة أي تلميذ من المواصلات المدرسيّة بسبب سلوك غير لائق.

‌د-       يستخدم باصات المدرسة التلاميذ المسجّلون فيها فقط.


2- السلوك داخل باص المدرسة :

تتمنّى المدرسة من أولادها التلاميذ :

‌أ-        احترام السائق والمرافقة ومعاملتهما بتقدير، والتقيُّد بتوجيهاتهما.

‌ب-    الجلوس على المقعد المخصّص لهم ووضع حزام الأمان عند سير الباص.

‌ج-     إبقاء الايدي والرأس داخل الباص في جميع الأوقات.

‌د-       عدم الصراخ أو التحدّث بصوت مرتفع يزعج الآخرين.

‌ه-      عدم الاكل والشرب إلاّ في ظروف يُتفق عليها.

‌و-       عدم تخريب الباص ومقاعده أو الكتابة عليها أو على الزجاج.

‌ز-       إبقاء الحقائب والكتب والأغراض الشخصيّة بعيدة عن ممر التلاميذ داخل الباص.

‌ح-     عدم رمي أي شيء من نافذة الباص.


3- الإذن بمغادرة باص المدرسة :

‌أ-        الالتزام بمسار الباص : أي نزول التلميذ من الباص في المكان المتّفق عليه منذ بدء العام الدراسيّ.

‌ب-    تغيير الباص : لا تقبل إدارة المدرسة بنقل التلميذ من باص الى باص آخر نظرًا الى الأماكن المحدودة.

‌ج-     في حال قرّر الأهل اصطحاب اولادهم من المدرسة واليها بأنفسهم في يوم معيّن، عليهم ابلاغ إدارة قسم أولادهم في المدرسة خطيًّا أو ارسال بريد الكتروني الى مديرة القسم.


4- الإجراءات التأديبية للتلاميذ المشاركين في باص المدرسة :

إنّ التلميذ الذي لا يلتزم بقواعد السلوك داخل الباص يكون عرضة للإجراءات التالية :

  • تنبيه شفهيّ من المسؤول في الباص.
  • تنبيه خطيّ.
  • تغيير مكان التلميذ في الباص عينه.

في حال تكرار المخالفة ومضايقة الآخرين :

  • يبلّغ المسؤول عن الباصات إدارة المدرسة التي بدورها تُبلّغ الأهل بالإجراءات التي اتخذت.

في حال قيام التلميذ بأي سلوك يعيق السائق ويعرّض سلامة التلاميذ للخطر كاستخدام الفاظ منافية للأخلاق، أو الشجار والدفع والتصارع، أو رفض طاعة المرافقة :

  • يُمنَع المخالف من استخدام باص المدرسة من يوم الى عشرة أيام وذلك بحسب ما تراه إدارة المدرسة مناسبًا.

وفي حال تكرار المخالفة، يُمنَع المخالف نهائيًا من استخدام الباص.