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Jesus & Mary…and Proud

This year at Jesus & Mary, we commit with other Catholic schools in Lebanon to entering into a deeper relationship with our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, and reflecting on our identity as a Catholic school.   

The foundation of every Catholic school is Jesus Christ whose teachings give new meaning to life and help the school members direct their thinking and actions according to the Gospel. A Catholic school is dedicated to the development of the whole person to be in the image of Christ in whom all human values find their fulfillment. Its main duties include communicating human culture and knowledge, cultivating Christian faith and virtues, and creating a climate which enable learners to assume their responsibilities as Christians (The Catholic School, 34-37; 47).

In a Catholic school, young people are supposed to learn how to share their personal lives with God, discern His voice in the creation, serve Him in the poor, develop a conscience, live responsibly with others, make the world a better place, and be living witnesses to God’s love (The Catholic School, 45-46). 
Christian Education is, as well, the “core of the core curriculum” in a Catholic school (St John Paul II). Placing CE at the heart of the curriculum at JM helps our school fulfill its mission to “educate the whole person and nurture young men and women who are vessels of the Christian living faith” (JM Mission and Vision).  This year in particular, we are called--teachers and staff--to love our students, encourage, advise, support, and correct them when needed.

Once students feel loved, they will learn how to love others.
We will pray with our young girls and boys; we will pray for those who live situations that are not always happy, and for those who face problems and worries.

Besides, Catholic schools believe that God has granted the family a unique educational mission and that “the first and primary educators of children are their parents” (Gravissimum Educationis, 3). It is our school’s responsibility to give families an awareness of this fact by initiating meetings and events which will make parents more conscious of their role, and establish a partnership based on faith to deal with academic, moral, and religious issues. Parents are expected to be excellent partners involved in the achievement of the educational goals of the school (The Religious Dimension of Education in A Catholic School, 42-43; 110-112).

On behalf of JM, I pledge to spare no effort and energy so that our school members engage in a deeper understanding of the Catholic faith, and relate their faith to culture and to daily life.

May Mary, the Morning Star who accompanied Jesus as he grew in wisdom and age and grace, light our way and transform our school into a home.


Rev. Fr. Antoine Ghazal, Ed.D.