JM Day

JM Day

200 years ago, on November 13 the Sisters of Jesus & Mary began the work, and they set forth to spread the

charism of Saint Claudine. Their message was embraced by 28 countries across the world.

JM Day (November 13) is the annual tradition during which the Jesus & Mary School family meets to renew their pledge to continue Claudine’s mission, celebrates the joy of belonging to the great Jesus & Mary family and celebrates the legacy left to us by Saint Claudine Thévenet.

In order to achieve this goal, JM has organized spiritual activities across all Divisions with the Sisters of Jesus & Mary, who are witnesses to the spirituality and mission of Saint Claudine.

JM Day in the Preschool Division

Our KG2 and KG3 students recited beautiful hymns to commemorate JM Day together.


JM Day in the Elementary I Division

Sr. Nawal and Sr. Ivone, rjm, celebrated JM Day with the Elementary I students in the morning assembly. Afterwards, Sr. Nawal visited the classes and distributed sweets.

JM Day in the Elementary II Division

The EII Division met in the Intermediate Assembly Hall with Sr. Youmna Zaarour, Sr. Yvonne from Pakistan, and Mr. Tony Hachem along with the Dynamis Club to discuss the theme “God uses small things to accomplish His big plans”.

JM Day in the Intermediate Division

The Intermediate Division celebrated JM Day starting with the morning assembly, prepared by Br. Charbel Baaklini along with the help of Sister Iram George from Pakistan. Sister Iram was warmly welcomed by everyone as she enthusiastically introduced students and staff to the spirituality of Jesus & Mary, the vision of St. Claudine, her values, and her mission.

Later on, at both recesses, the Int Dynamis Club visited teachers and administrators in different Divisions and asked some questions about the occasion, prepared by their teacher Ms. Maya Sfeir and Sister Youmna about the occasion.

God bless the family of Jesus & Mary all over the world!


JM Day in the Secondary Division

On November 14, 2022, the Secondary Division celebrated JM Day in a spiritual, contemplative, and fun ambiance that all enjoyed. Sister Annie explained JM’s Anthem and her personal journey to follow the Lord’s path to the students. At noon, JM staff, teachers, and Rector enjoyed a small brunch together.

Later, together with the entire Secondary,  members of the Parent Association and former JM students took part in a quiz “How Well Do You Know JM”?