Grade 5 Basketball Competition

Grade 5 Basketball Competition

“No individual can win a game by himself” ~Pelé.

In teams, the Grade 5 played basketball, and as a TEAM they won!

Here are the winners:

1st place :

Gr. 5A  Mickaella Karnaby – Chloe Medawar- Celine Mrad – Jane Maalouf

Gr. 5D Andrew Choueiry- Enzo Abou Slaiby- Michael Neaimeh- Ralph Riachi

2nd place:

Gr.5D Alma Yazbek- Daniella Rizk- Vanessa Khadij-  Krista- Maria Bou Jaoude

Gr.5A Joe Abou Abdallah- Michael Zoghbi- Jame Abdo- Michel Hawi – Francesco Abou Jaoude

3rd place:

Gr.5D Celia Maalouf- Mia Hanna- Yara Cortas- Adriana Gedeon

Gr. 5C Alexandre Chahine – Victor Issa – Marc Eid – Jean Marc Najjar